In summer 2022, a community reporting network was formed in Manchester with a group of people with lived experience of unfit housing and homelessness.

The Manchester Maze is a concept created by the group - a collection of human stories, hearing from those trying to navigate a housing system that is not fit for purpose.

It is based on their own real-life experiences, the story of communities on the edge during a cost of living crisis and the housing emergency, trying to get the help they need and deserve.

But there is also hope. Through the Community Action Plan, the group also put forward their solutions and ideas to move forward in solving Greater Manchester's Housing Emergency.

With a special thanks to the whole community reporting team: Debbie Cuthbert, Stuart Potts, Karl Brown, David Winter, Jan Hubka, Sadie Birks, Catherine Hay, Beatrix Passmore and Jessica Hosseiny.

Films shot, directed and produced by Chris Walter and Paul Myles. Editing by Owen Kean. Animation by Peter Mead. Web design, illustration and programming by Isaac Chiaf and Maarten Lauwaert

This community reporting project was funded by Shelter, in partnership with On Our Radar.

Enter the maze